24/7 Data Center Security & Surveillance

Any location that houses sensitive data needs to be very secure. Rack & Data has that covered.

At Rack & Data, security is a top priority. We understand that data is critical to your business and that the days of running servers in-office without the proper systems in place is no longer an option. This colocation facility is fully video monitored with alarm systems, full environmental controls, and lockable racks ensures that your server rack security is fortified against potential threats. Rack & Data personnel oversee site operations 24×7 and secure customer access controlled by ID badges or monitored entrances. With these security solutions and more, you can lock down your data and infrastructure, protecting them from potential threats.

Rack & Data is armed and monitored in real time by a ULC certified monitoring station, with a level 7 security system. Real-time surveillance of data center activities, especially in high-security areas, provide data center management with a first-hand look at what’s going on in the facility, including who’s entering and exiting.

Rack & Data restricts access only to authorized personnel. Off-site security personnel monitor all perimeter doors, security alarms, and digital surveillance video cameras monitor and record entry and exit to prevent unauthorized activity. Clients have direct access to the facility 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Enhanced Security With Biometric Scanners

Rack and Data uses biometric security to access high-security server racks and cabinets. These biometric control systems feature real-time monitoring of locking/unlocking attempts and security alerts.

The biometric security works by scanning fingerprints into a secure database. Every time a customer needs access to a high-security area, they use a fingerprint reader.

We also offer secure shipping, remote hands, and 24-hour access. Bonded and certified professional installers and emergency services are available as required. The hardware infrastructure is regularly updated, and the latest generation of hardware provides maximum performance throughout our facility.