Maximum Energy Efficiency, Minimum Environmental Impact

Data centers are now an essential part of the modern economy, providing the infrastructure for countless businesses all over the world. However, the need for companies and individuals to be connected 24/7 means that data centers are also using a significant amount of energy.

At Rack & Data, we are taking the right steps to help minimize our carbon and environmental footprint. We understand the value of transparency around operations and seek to elevate our status as a leader in sustainability and energy efficiency.

Solar Power Backup Generators

Through energy efficiency and the increased procurement of green electricity, Rack & Data has been able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of its data center. Rack & Data was designed to be as green and eco-friendly as possible with 400 kW of solar panel installation on the roof tied to solid-state switchgear to transfer to grid power as needed.

The grid and solar panel powered solutions are simple: When the sun is in view electricity is generated, and ties into the electrical system parallel to the electrical grid, ensuring that there’s no downtime when it gets dark.

Efficient Air & Cooling Systems

Rack & Data’s custom designed economizer supplies central air conditioning with outdoor air substantially reducing cooling expenses. This cooling system is custom designed to use free cooling when outside environmental conditions allow outside air to come in. The air is filtered and conditioned into fresh air that is then used to cool the data center and servers. This economization reduces cooling and electrical load by as much as 75% during the times fresh air is available, significantly reducing the carbon footprint.

When the outside fresh air is not suitable, redundant Liebert CRAC’s come online automatically and provide mechanical cooling as needed. During any power switching, all data center information systems, customer racks, core networks HVAC systems are all UPS and generator backed up for a seamless transition.

Supporting Renewable Energy

Rack & Data’s facility uses solar power to reduce the carbon footprint significantly and is built to support renewable energy efforts. Green solutions not only save energy, but also reduce the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades to deal with increased power and cooling demands. Green solutions ensure that Rack & Data is a repository for the storage, management, and dissemination of data in which the mechanical, lighting, electrical and computer systems are designed for maximum energy efficiency and minimum environmental impact.