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Today we rely on IT equipment and its underlying software for almost all of our daily activities such as communication, entertainment, navigation, finances, and security. Rack & Data offers colocation services that allow you to install your equipment in a secure high-tech and green facility which includes solar grid powered generators and UPS backups.

After working alongside a wholesale and telecommunications provider for years, Rack & Data’s founder John Cullen, discovered that more people were inquiring about carrier hosting and equipment.

There was a growing demand for data centers in Kitchener-Waterloo and back then, the area was extremely underserved with no viable data centers in operation.

By May 2013, Cullen established Rack & Data and started operations in September of that year. Rack & Data was designed to serve local businesses and customers from Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, London, and Brantford.

Rack & Data continues to rent out rack space and allow customers to install their equipment and provide the power, bandwidth, IP addresses, and cooling systems to successfully deploy servers and networking equipment.

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What Makes Us Different

The Rack & Data approach is simple – provide the most secure and reliable data hosting services at extremely competitive pricing. Rack & Data only uses premium upstream providers to ensure the best possible connection for demanding customers.

Rack & Data provides a variety of rack packages, including combinations ranging from 2U to a 1/4 rack to full rack sizes. Each rack has 6000 watts of power available at 20VAC and BGP internet included. Core connectivity options include 12 Cat6 connections to core and fiber connectivity that can be applied to any rack. Connectivity can be applied to the core, other racks or other carriers within the facility. Additional options for installation of factory OEM integrated racks, and custom rack configurations are also available.

Rack & Data offers secure shipping, remote hands, 24-hour access, bonded and certified professional installers and emergency services as required. Hardware infrastructure is regularly updated, and the latest generation of hardware provides maximum performance throughout the facility.

A rock-solid infrastructure permits a wide range of connectivity options to ensure that every customer’s unique solution requirements can be met at competitive pricing.

The Rack & Data team of tech professionals are always ready to answer questions and provide the best customer service to clients. Contact us to book a tour of the facility and discover why we are Waterloo Region’s premier co-location facility.