Flexible Data Center Colocation Services for Scalable IT Growth

Rack & Data has a tremendous impact on scalability and cost by helping customers and businesses avoid the growing pains and capital expenses associated with maintaining an in-house data center. Merely lease the space and only pay for what you need – no waiting around for complex and costly construction projects to be completed.

Customizable Racks For A Robust Data Infrastructure

Rack & Data offers rack space starting at 2U to 5U and up to full rack packages, including multiple cabinets and cages. Each rack has 6000 watts of power available at 208VAC and comes with the option of 12 Cat6 connections to our core and fiber connectivity either to our core, other racks or other carriers. All our racks include BGP internet.

Colocation enhances your IT infrastructure by leveraging our critical services and different carrier neutral options. Private suites and cages are available with dedicated cooling, UPS, and fully secure and lockable racks. Custom rack configurations are available, and we do offer installation of factory OEM integrated racks.

Mechanical cooling systems provide cooling when the outside temp is above 55 degrees Fahrenheit. When temperatures are below 55 degrees, we use free cooling by taking outside air and conditioning it to cool the servers.

Built to Advance, Adapt, and Expand to Maximize Business Growth

Rack & Data has full roof access with an excellent view of the Clarke Belt for broadcasters wishing to install satellite dishes for IPTV backend solutions, and we offer comprehensive teleport services.

Two significant benefits of Rack & Data are scalability and competitive pricing. Idle capacity is not only costly for your business, but you may end up with old technology by the time you need to use it. Our facility leverages the advances in energy consumption, performance and equipment, giving your operations a distinct advantage.

Using our colocation services allows you to “pay-as-you-grow”. Customers can add, or contract leased space as needed and only pay for what’s in use – no idle or insufficient capacity. Rack & Data will help eliminate all facility-related issues and maximize the value of your IT investment.

In recent years, colocation companies have experienced a growing demand because of their many benefits. A significant driver for this growth is the low costs for data center solutions. Rack & Data eliminates capital costs associated with the housing and protection of critical systems and includes predictable, monthly operating expenses.

By choosing our data center facility, your business can save a tremendous amount that can then be used to help fund your company’s growth. Our data center provides specialized expertise and efficient operations with a well-maintained facility.