Colocation at a Reliable Data Center

Creating a data center that achieves the gold standard in design means providing a redundant, high-density power configuration like no other. That reliability is backed up by a custom economizer that makes the best use of fresh, filtered and conditioned outside air when temperature and humidity allow for it.

Rack & Data was designed and built from the ground up using best practice and state of the art equipment from Eaton, Schneider Electric and Generac for electrical systems and a Cisco core network. The existing fiber connectivity to Rogers, Bell Canada, Fibernetics, Orange, AKN & Megawire allow for redundant connectivity to the internet. Rack & Data is also carrier neutral with a secure Meet Me Room for connections to any other service provider that may be required.

Stay Connected with Meet Me Rooms

  • Cisco powered network are all N+1
  • 12 Cat6 connections to our core and fiber connectivity that can be applied to any rack
  • Customers can request to have fiber installed in their rack, 1G or 10G

Realtime Security Monitoring & Surveillance

Detection and monitoring systems monitor environmental factors such as the following:

  • Temperature: Sensors measure the heat being generated by equipment as well as the air-conditioning system’s intake and discharge.
  • Humidity and moisture: Sensors ensure high moisture levels don’t destroy electronic components.
  • Airflow: Sensors ensure air is properly flowing through racks, to and from the air-conditioning system.
  • Power: Monitoring systems measure power currently coming into the facility and determine when electrical failures occur.
  • Video surveillance: Real-time surveillance of data center activities, especially in high-security areas, provide data center managers with a first-hand look of what’s going on in the facility, including who’s entering and exiting.